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Over the years, the Rockies have continued to grow as a hotspot location for couples to plan their special day.

Canmore is a stunning town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, one of North America’s most iconic and breathtaking views. For excellent reasons, this area has shown tremendous growth regarding tourism and destination weddings in recent years. With its easy access to an abundance of lakes and mountain backdrops that look stunning all year round, it is the perfect destination to bring your photography and videography dreams to life.

Riley and Jasmine share a vast amount of knowledge of the area. They can use the environment around them to create exceptional art in all areas of photography and videography.

Whether you’re new to working alongside photographers or familiar with such experiences, working alongside qualified and accomplished locals such as Riley and Jasmine will make all the difference in achieving your goals in the mountains.


Jasmine, a skilled videographer, specializes in capturing the essence of life's most cherished moments.

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Riley, an experienced photographer and videographer, excels at capturing the breathtaking beauty from all around the world.


About Riley and Jas

Riley & Jasmine are extremely dedicated Canmore Photographers and Videographers who have lived in the bow valley for many years. Riley & Jasmine are passionate about the outdoors and enjoy being out in nature as much as possible and capturing it as excitingly and creatively as possible.

They both have a diverse range of clientele and skill sets, including photography and videography work in the fields of weddings/elopements to one on one couple shoots, as well as more traditional landscapes and product photography/working with brands. However, there needs to be more ‘traditional’ about their work as they strive the create unique and outside-the-box media for their customers.

Riley & Jasmine are committed to creating the most exceptional and eye-catching media in the Bow Valley, guaranteeing their clients will be more than satisfied with the final product.

Canmore Photographers and Videographers

One of the primary benefits of working with local Canmore Photographers and Videographers in the area is their deep understanding of the environment and conditions. The Canmore and surrounding areas are renowned for their snow-covered mountain peaks, but many people are unaware of this area’s beauties outside of winter.

Riley & Jasmine specialise in capturing the region’s best in all seasons. The charming snow-covered scenes of the Canadian Rockies are breathtaking. Still, an obvious layer of difficulty and risk is added when accessing these landscapes in winter. Riley & Jasmine are aware of alternative locations to provide clients with the snow globe images.

Riley & Jasmine are also aware of hidden gems throughout the region, including unique hikes, lesser-known lakes and picturesque golden larches throughout fall, rest assured knowing no matter what time of the year you choose to use their services, you will be rewarded with the finest media work possible in any conditions.

They take pride in working harder than the average vendors who show up and shoot as though it’s merely their job. Instead, they are a team who cares deeply about the creative result they provide their clients, gifting you with unique photographs and videos to cherish for years. This includes incorporating unique props, pre-scouting locations and scripting before your event.

This allows Riley & Jasmine to determine how they can best approach your day to ensure they step out of the box. This can also be a collaborative experience, whether you want to share your inspirations and ideas or have complete confidence that they will take control of the day. You can trust you are in the hands of two creatives with a burning passion for creating something different and outstanding for every client.

Contact Riley & Jasmine, local Canmore Photographers and Videographers, to capture the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and bring your media projects to life.

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