How does the Bridging Open Work Permit work?

A Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) is a visa which allows a temporary resident whose current work permit is expiring and who has previously applied for permanent residency, to continue working in Canada while awaiting the decision of their permanent residence application.

Who is eligible?

Not every permanent residence program qualifies for a BOWP, the permanent residence programs which are eligible for a BOWP are as follows:

How does maintained status work?

In the occurrence of a temporary resident who has applied for an extension of their Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) but has not yet received a decision from IRCC prior to the end date shown on their current TRV, the period of their stay is extended by law until a decision is made.

Whilst a temporary resident is on implied status (waiting for a decision after their TRV has expired) they still have the right to remain in Canada and continue to work. This only applies to a temporary resident who remains inside Canada, therefore, as soon as they leave Canada during this period, their implied status is no longer in effect upon their return, and consequently, they will lose their privileges.

Express Entry requirements

Provincial Nominee requirements

Home Child-Care requirements

Home Support Worker requirements

Agri-Food Pilot requirements